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  • The Producers

    The Producers

    A down-on-his-luck producer sells the backers of his latest Broadway musical several thousand percent of the production, counting on a flop, only to find that the musical, Springtime For Hitler, is a smash hit. Great for fans of Mel Brooks, as this weird film, with some hilarious moments, goes from gross to grosser. If you don't like either Mel Brooks or Zero Mostel, stay well away from this little opus.

  • Privilege


    A rock star's immense popularity is manipulated by the government to pacify the populace and maintain power. An incredibly grim commentary of the manipulative powers available to government.

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  • The Journey

    The Journey

    A Russian officer detains a trainload of refugees escaping from the Hungarian revolution, while trying to make out with Deborah Kerr. Not too bad, but could have been so much better with a little effort.

  • Good Sam

    Good Sam

    Cooper plays the stereotype Good Samaritan in this sporadically humorous film. It will be enjoyed more for the cast and the nostalgia factor than for the story.