Kiki's Delivery Service

Kiki's Delivery Service ★★★★½

A movie about a bubbly young woman who enters the work force, gets depressed, goes on vacation, and returns to her job with a renewed vigor.

Just kidding! Of course there’s more to this movie, but not much else and that’s okay. Such a sweet, charming movie and I should expect nothing less from Hayao Miyazaki. Taking classic tropes of witches (black cat, flying brooms, potions), he creates an absolutely delightful world. The coastal city Kiki moves to makes you want to take a trip right now. It is colorful, full of energy, and exceedingly optimistic. So many fun details in the animation too! So many! I was going nuts! I smiled the whole way through.

Kiki is a young lady who has to find her confidence and self-worth. We all know how lost we can feel at 13 years old, let alone in a new town. New people to meet, friends to make... It can be overwhelming. She shows up in town and she’s a witch, but so what? She is inherently gifted but it is up to her how she uses those gifts. It’s a lovely coming of age movie. Along the way she meets other kind hearted people who are happy to guide her along her journey. This feels like a must watch for adolescents. No stakes, no stress, no problem.

RIP Phil Hartman.

This is my seventh Miyazaki film. I am finally going through his filmography in anticipation of the podcast Blank Check. They are my favorite podcast duo and are currently doing a series on Miyazaki. Check them out on Apple podcasts.

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