Halloween ★★★

I find a lot of the early scenes in this to be quite good. Michael looming the background, appearing out of nowhere as if he’s supernatural. The tone Carpenter sets is also great. I absolutely love the location and the atmosphere; you can feel the crispness in the air and hear the autumn leaves blow away.
But I feel as though the direction is a little awkward in moments, especially towards the middle and end. It sort of kills scenes for me when a character is so oblivious that he or she doesn’t think to turn around or notice a killers footsteps... it can all feel a little stiff to me.
The score is good of course even if it’s totally repetitive. It sets the tone very well.
Camera work is nice too. I absolutely love the opening POV shot, and the ending montage of the various locations with Micheals breathing is killer as well.

Overall it’s good, and it’s easy to understand why it’s such an influential film. One day I hope to really appreciate this more than I do now.

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