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  • Holme Doorstep

    Holme Doorstep

    Fast-travel simulator.

    A nice montage of scenes showing off the town of HOLME, and eventually quieting down to areas less occupied. I appreciated Colton's decision to keep the diegetic sound and not add any music, would've felt cheap otherwise.

    Director says there's more there thematically, but I can't see it. Not necessarily an issue though! :)

    *Also lovely poster BTW*

  • Inverse Daisies

    Inverse Daisies

    Feels like moments before the start of an apocalypse.
    Quiet morning, heavy fog... something isn't right.

    Definitely the best visuals Andrew has done yet and I really appreciated the hushed and minimalist soundscape. It was perfect for this project.

    The brief moments where text would appear weren't my favorite, but I understood why they were present.

    Overall, I like this a lot.

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  • Safe



    If you were to tell me that Safe is one of the best films ever made I would not argue that. 

    This movie expertly gets under my skin, makes me feel anxious and shudder at every stale and lifeless conversation. 

    And like I said in my first viewing Julianne Moore knocks it out of the park. Might be one of favorite performances of all time. 

    Please watch this film. It’s a slow burn but so meticulously made, it’s really something.

  • Eyes Wide Shut

    Eyes Wide Shut


    “No dream is ever just a dream.”

    Deception and lies beneath it all.