Encanto ★★½

A Marvel movie and a Disney movie in the same week. No wonder why my depression has gotten worse these last couple of days.
"Encanto" is the newest film from Disney Animation Studios that since 1937 has produced 60 feature-length animation films. It's incredible how far animation has gotten since their very first film "Snow White and the Seven Dwarves" till now where almost photo-realistic yet magical settings emboss the modern movies. The animation here looks absolutely stunning and I love the representation of another culture and how the music elevated the story's emotions. However, I think many of the narrative-wise elements often get lost in their own self-preoccupation to represent minorities that the stories are often very flat and lack depth. "Encanto" is definitely a beautifully animated film. I loved the colors and it also felt genuinely funny in many of its moments. I adored the voice-acting that all around really lived up to what you expect from talented craft to deliver. With all that being said, the story itself is dull and lacks a lot of emotional depth for me to really get invested and ever feel like there was a real struggle. It doesn't feel very grand in its scope which is definitely a unique way to tell this story and it might work way better for younger audiences.
The problem is solved within seconds and it honestly felt like there was so little at stake in the movie.
The songs were really catchy and has that special element that Lin Manuel Miranda often puts into his songs. He's a great artist that manages to mix humor and keep a serious plot-line in his songs. It's defiantly different from his last collaboration with Disney which was "Moana" I think. The songs in that one are far more catchy, but "Encanto" features some really nice songs that fit the setting.

It's now been four days since I saw it, and I haven't thought much about it since then. Which probably says more about how little of an impact it left on me. It would honestly be a shame if this won the Oscar for Best Animated Feature at the Oscars since it's such a bland movie.

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