Moonlight is an ode to silence

It is the tear that will not come out, it is the tear that if it dares to'll drown your body, it'll become the sea. The sea of remembrance, of time spent on living gazing. Just that. Gazing. It is in that hurtful contracted walk of the queers, the walk that hides, the walk that provokes others to see. This film is not mainstream rap, it's close to an exquisite r&b piece. Come to think of it it's more like Ella Fitzgerald at her best.

Moonlight is a silence roar. It's about not fully living, it's about the conformity of what you have to do to live with yourself as you really are.

And it roars in the hallways, in the hood, in that blue apartment, in that smoke, in that beach, in that moonlight. It will continue to roar forever.

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