Uncut Gems

Uncut Gems ★★★★★

One of my initial reservations for the film was finding the opening highly unnecessary but it just really clicked for me on this watch. It reminded me a ton of the opening of 2001 this time around. Not just with the desert setting and its distance from the central narrative (not a bad thing), but the seemingly otherworldly magic in the black opal that causes such overwhelming curiosity, panic, intrigue and good fortune feels akin to the black monolith. The opening creates such a palpable sense of magnetism and power to the opal immediately and it underlies the film incredibly.

Aside from that, no new revelations or anything. Sandler still gives one of my all time favourite performances. OPN’s score is also now one of my favourites, and as much praise as its gotten I still think it deserves WAY more. The whole cast is cast and performed perfectly. Shot and directed brilliantly. An incredibly entertaining, already iconic and superbly effective film that replicates and projects the protagonist’s overwhelming anxiety, unquenchable addictions and soaring highs onto the audience in the most electrifying and intoxicating way possible. & Julia Fox is the most beautiful woman currently living. 

Let’s fuckin’ BET on this.


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