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  • Dumbo



    Rating elevated for the moment where Alan Arkin, having had enough of observing a burning wreckage, puts his arm around Danny DeVito and says: “Come on, I’ll buy you a hot dog.”

  • Shithouse


    A neurotic, condescending pussy goes away to college and gets homesick. He meets a somewhat complex but still uninteresting manic pixie dream girl, has a magical night with her, and is madly in love by the next morning. This much I could’ve handled, but everything that came afterwards was a cringefest in the worst possible way (the totally bizarre coda especially). Somehow the talking stuffed animal was the only character who came out of this dud unscathed. 

    Best scene: When our hero…

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  • The Irishman

    The Irishman


    After anticipating this like a madman for nearly a decade, I'm glad to confirm that all my hopes and dreams came true and it's a masterpiece.

    The storytelling structure is mostly in the same vein as GoodFellas and Casino, but with much more room to breathe (which makes sense when you consider the runtime). Less needle drops, more contemplation. Many brilliant scenes, some very intense moments, an insane amount of hilarious moments... and of course Scorsese directs the absolute hell…

  • The Lost City of Z

    The Lost City of Z


    This might be the best movie I've seen in theaters in damn near four years, so I feel compelled to write a little review.

    James Gray has been hit or miss for me since the start of his career, but The Lost City of Z has truly made me believer.

    An entertaining adventure story in its own right, the story is enhanced by Percy Fawcett's drive to improve his family name and increase his own self-worth. He is willing to…