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A lifelong western movie and Audie Murphy fan.

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  • Inferno



    "For somebody else's leg it sure hurts"

    A woman and her lover leave her injured husband in the desert to die. Robert Ryan is excellent as the husband who with a broken leg faces the grim prospect of an arduous trek back to safety and revenge. Switching between the scheming lovers and the stricken husband the movie generates a fair bit of tension. The movie was shot in 3D which explains the last five minutes when everything except the kitchen sink is thrown at the camera. Verdict....rare chance to see this enjoyable survival thriller.

  • Corman's World

    Corman's World


    Interesting documentary about the independent producer/director Roger Corman who's reputation for making cheaply produced exploitation movies was legendary. Verdict....definitely of interesting if you're a movie buff.

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  • The Glory Guys

    The Glory Guys


    Although the names and locations have been changed this western is obviously based on the infamous defeat of George Armstrong Custer at the Battle of the Little Big Horn. It's a well made movie showing the lives, loves, trials and tribulations of life on a frontier fort in the Old West. Tom Tryon and Harve Presnel are good in the two lead roles and are ably supported by Andrew Duggan as the ambitious general that intends to lead them to…

  • Campbell's Kingdom

    Campbell's Kingdom


    Dirk Bogarde inherits a plot of land in the Canadian Rockies and learning that his grandfather believed there was oil on the land he decides to drill for it and this brings him into conflict with Stanley Baker and the townsfolk. They want the dam built which has been on hold because of the possible oil strike, and you can't flood oil. Verdict....entertaining British adventure thriller.