Favorite films

  • Happy Old Year
  • Me and You and Everyone We Know
  • And So We Put Goldfish in the Pool.
  • Swing Girls

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  • Hotel Transylvania 2


  • Hotel Transylvania


  • Palo Alto


  • Moana


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  • Palo Alto

    Palo Alto


    I used to be obsessed with remembering. I would make note of the tiny details like how humid the air was, whether it smells like damp cement or menthol shampoo or cigarette smoke on wet clothes--I wanted to remember it.

    It's been a long time since I have felt like this.

    I've met these characters before. I know them very well. I've grown to be more forgetful as I become older so I can only recall them in the few snapshots I've decided to hold onto.

    Thank god, memory blurs. I don't ever want to feel like this anymore.

  • Shaun of the Dead

    Shaun of the Dead


    Promised that I wouldn't fall asleep this time. He ends up falling asleep since he's seen this three times already.

Popular reviews

  • Eat Drink Man Woman

    Eat Drink Man Woman


    SINEGANG Weekly Pick #23 by yours truly

    Eat Drink Man Woman is equivalent to the feeling of coming back from a long week away from home and you are welcomed back with the smell of chicken sotanghon soup... warm, hearty and comforting. It starts off with a two-minute cooking montage, and by that time, my mouth was already watering. Not only was it pretty, but for its runtime of 123 minutes, it flies by so unbelievably fast while having the…

  • Soul



    SINEGANG Weekly Pick by Leo

    Ugly cried, questioned every decision I've made in my life so far.