All That Jazz

All That Jazz ★★★★★

the most audacious intelligent joyful bombastic sparkly introspective straight up SMOOTHEST MOVIE EVER.

always been really into learning about the life of bob fosse. never really understood why i have found him so compelling; he’s a womanizing asshole that relied heavily upon the women in his life to lift him up. who would care about a dude like that? MEEEEE!!!!!!! been holding out on watching this one for a looooong time and it was well worth the wait. some of the most beautifully constructed sequences i have ever seen. the opening, airotica, but ESPECIALLY the finale. watched that entire scene with something between a shocked expression and a smile plastered on my face. how can you not!?!?!? this was perfect. so glad to have watched it on a big screen surrounded by da homies who all enjoyed it, too. certified CROWD. PLEASER.

also shoutout to hoffmann for letting me borrow his criterion, a great entertainer….a great humanitarian….and my friend of 1 year!

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