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This review may contain spoilers.

"l was about four years old the first time... and, um... l remember one time he came home from work real late... and l had been sleeping on the couch... and he came in, and he woke me up... and he laid on top of me... and he told me, he said, ''Take off your panties.'' And l asked him why.
He said that he was only playing... and that he wasn't gonna hurt me... and, um, he was gonna make me feel good. And l took off my panties, and then, um... he got on top of me... and he was rubbin' and touchin' and feelin' and laughin'. And then--and then, um... he'd wake up in the morning, and he'd come in my bedroom... or bring me into his bedroom... and he would kiss me and touch me and...
and make me play with him and... And, you know, at first,
l was real scared. l didn't know if it was right... but he would tell me that we were having fun... and what we were doing wasn't wrong...because he was my dad."

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