Kong: Skull Island

Kong: Skull Island ★★★

Blueprint for what's good in Kong: Skull Island:

- Is King Kong on screen? It's a good scene +
- Is John C. Reilly on screen? It's a good scene +
- Is literally anything else happening on screen? It's a mediocre/bad scene -

Kong: Skull Island definitely makes strides to embrace it's silliness at times, but I think it all falls a bit short in making a truly entertaining spectacle. Brie Larson, Tom Hiddleston, and Samuel L. Jackson are all criminally under written and under utilized here, giving what feels like half-hearted and dispirited performances for characters of equal depth. Samuel L. Jackson especially, who in this film feels neither like a good character nor what you'd expect a classic "Samuel L. Jackson" character to feel like; it's really uncanny, this is one of Jackson's lowest I've seen his caliber at in a long time. Even John Goodman, an impossibly likable actor, feels a bit phoned in here, though he has good moments. There's just nothing of quality substance in the script, direction, or acting to elevate any of the otherwise good entertainment. The cinematography seems to make an effort from time to time and there are a couple great visual scenes, particularly one involving Tom Hiddleston running through green gas, but it's not really enough, the film tries a bit too hard to be flashy at times and too hard to feel like films like Apocalypse Now without actually coming close to their greatness.

It's still an entertaining film, but for what should have been a much simpler time making an entertaining action flick, Kong Skull Island just seems to bog and trip and fall all over itself in it's own goal.

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