Dude Bro Party Massacre III

Dude Bro Party Massacre III ★★★

This has been on my to watch for a couple weeks. If the premise and title wasn't enough to get me interested, the general response would have been.

Right off the bat, the vhs quality sets the tone. Additionally, you'll spot more than a couple cameos throughout as well. I had to look up the imdb in the first 5 minutes when I started noting some particular faces.

I'll be honest, less than ten minutes in, I was enjoying the silly camp and style, but I did not think the enjoyment was gonna last one hour and forty minutes. The commercial breaks are a nice touch, but I've seen it executed a bit better to be honest. I probably would have voted for less or more.

Anyways moving on to the next part. Length. It's not long at just over an hour and a half. But damn, did it feel like 3 hours. It's fun, but when i think about the people doing this film being called 5 second films, I'm just thinking this film shoulda been closer to 5 seconds than 1.75 hours.

I don't even know what happened in the last twenty minutes.

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