We're All Going to the World's Fair

We're All Going to the World's Fair ★★★★

This has been on my radar for some time so was thrilled to finally be able to watch it. It captures the loneliness and isolation of growing up in the internet age insanely well. We've all had those all-nighters trawling the dark depths of the web and this delves into the vibe of a creepypasta story come to life effortlessly. I love that the lines between true supernatural happenings or these people purely acting for a crumb of internet recognition are blurred as much as they are as both potential reasonings will leave you with chills for different reasons altogether. I thought the ending was a bit of damp squib and doesn't really answer anything firmly or give us a solid conclusion for Casey's story but its ambiguous enough for the viewer to take many different, and some quite uncomfortable, takeaways from it.

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