The Northman

The Northman ★★★★

With the release of The Northman, Robert Eggers is now 3 for 3.

Eggers is one of the biggest up and coming auteurs that gets me excited with anything he touches.

The passion that goes into his films is shown in every frame. Between The Witch, The Lighthouse and now The Northman he perfects the ability of bringing an authentic world to life. You become apart of the world they have created.

I feel the best way I can recommend this is, if you liked the real feel of The Witch and are interested in Viking history then you'll appreciate The Northman.

Amazing cast (needed more Dafoe!), beautiful Icelandic scenery, volcanic battles and exhilarating raids. The Northman offers up a ton of things to feast your eyes on.

It was beautiful and authentic experience. I hope with The Northmans wide release more people discover Eggers and watch his previous films. The dude has a vision and excells at what he does.

If you're a casual movie goer expecting a fast paced action thrill ride that isn't used to a slow burn, then I don't know if this is for you BUT also who knows, you may discover something new :)

"Hollywood doesnt make original movies" They just bank rolled a $70m + Viking story so give it a chance. We need talented people to succeed.

Go see it, you never know until you judge it yourself.

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