Ma ★★½


Ya know, it was actually pretty fun in a modern MISERY kinda way. Not a *great* story, but I loved seeing Octavia Spencer really go for it and be a baaaaaad bitch instead of the “Helpful Black Friend” in a White Savior type movie😱
Not really scary, just creepy, with some surprisingly brutal gorey bits & craziness that comes out of literal nowhere👍🏽
When shit finally starts to go downnnn the movie kinda just ends??? I would have liked a little more, and for the tension to be held out for a bit longer.
WTF was the deal with the STRANGER THINGS music & the HAWKINS Security & all that???

Also, look at meeee! Back on Letterboxd!!!! I’m gonna attempt to unload a ton of shitty reviews & catch up on my logging for the last few months! Yep!🙌🏽

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