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  • Out 1

    Out 1


    If cinema ends with Godard’s Weekend, Rivette has invariably created something more, beyond this medium, through Out 1.

    It likely relates to the complete immersion provided, demanded by the film, but Rivette’s thirteen hour, omit-nearly-nothing edit is justified. Throughout, the constant wavering between the difficult and incomprehensible - be it durational difficulty, theatrical, or that relating to the literary codes of the Thirteen - and the emotionally overwhelming maintains a level of sustained awe and engagement. The form of acting,…

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  • It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

    It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown


    Not as melancholic as its 1965 predecessor, but just as clear-eyed in its morality and lack of pandering towards its (ostensibly juvenile) audience. And alongside complete empathy towards its characters and the honesty with which it portrays dejection and disillusionment, the film's Guaraldi score does so very much for its emotional resonance.

    [Postscript — looking at these thoughts as well my reviews for Out 1, Apur Sansar, and a scrapped piece on McCabe & Mrs. Miller, it seems as though my selective writings are usually about films that make me cry. For this reason, expect writing on A Charlie Brown Christmas in December.]

  • Apur Sansar

    Apur Sansar


    This is everything that a film should be: intellectual, tragic, musical, empathetic, and honest. It also features a scene which contains the most beautiful use of piano that I have encountered in a viewing. Never has the subverting of expectations in musical arrangement been so cathartic and heavenly.

    The film of a dejected romantic. More writing to come, when the visceral forces within me have matured to bear the fruit of true insight.

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  • David Byrne's American Utopia

    David Byrne's American Utopia


    What I discern as being so lovingly conveyed in the efforts of David Byrne, and subsequently, in this film, is the celebration of artistic effervescence via eclecticism. Songwriting and performance are joyous examples of our own distractions, yet American Utopia presents ideas which are at once ardent and (potentially) militant. The music is happy on a fundamental, rhythmic level, but Byrne's perspective is one which highlights an underlying cynicism towards the potential of mundanity and unjustness in our lives.

    Varied mediations on the significance of human ritual and expression through the eyes of our most beloved outsider.

  • Prescription: Murder

    Prescription: Murder

    I have been discovering and immensely enjoying the original run of the Peter Falk-led Columbo recently, and despite their absence from this particular database, as Columbo's episodes originally aired as rotations of The NBC Mystery Movie and are each about seventy-five to ninety-five minutes, I have considered them to be brilliant little features in their own right, and thought that it would be appropriate to create a log of-sorts for my Columbo viewings.

    "Prescription: Murder" — 17 June 2022