C'mon C'mon

C'mon C'mon ★★★★

I’m sorry but how is Belfast getting more best picture momentum than C’mon C’mon

Out of all of the movies I’ve watched this year, this feels most like what we needed and what I would want to see win best picture. It’s definitely not the most showy or most innovative but I think that it achieved something even more difficult on such a personal level — capturing the complexities of human relationships.

Sure, every movie ever dissects human nature. But this one does it in such a tender way. I was so touched and moved watching this film. It felt very therapeutic and as a lot of people have put it: “like a warm hug”.

The dialogues are so natural, the vibes are so comfy AND I walked out of the theatre (slightly teary eyed) to it snowing!!! Such a beautiful beautiful movie that I recommend to anyone who wants to feel something.

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