Olivia Wilde and Emerald Fennell on Banning A–holes and ‘Are You Sure?’ From Movie Sets

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Emerald Fennell’s pitch meetings for “Promising Young Woman” were telling, to say the least.

Explaining her 2017 process to fellow director Olivia Wilde (of “Booksmart” fame), Fennell recalled the stunned faces of male studio executives after she detailed the brutal, pre-title sequence of her film.

“One guy said, ‘Oh, I got it. So she’s a psycho,'” Fennell recalled. Wilde, understandably, gasps. This is not the first time a studio has missed the entire point of either of their creative visions.

Known for choosing stories that subvert the feminine, Wilde and Fennell launch into a deep discussion about filmmaking on Variety‘s “Directors on Directors,” talking about the deeply rooted love stories of female friendships, learning to trust their instincts and banning assholes from their sets.

Watch their conversation on Variety.com.