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‘Casino Royale’ Reunion: Daniel Craig And Mads Mikkelsen On Bond Nerves and That Naked Chair Scene

Daniel Craig and Mads Mikkelsen sat down (virtually) with one another for the inaugural episode of “Dream Teams,” Variety’s new series that pairs collaborators who caught lighting in a bottle. Having recently seen Mikkelsen’s turn in the film “Another Round,” Craig was eager to discuss that performance but the two also reminisced about playing poker, that infamous torture scene and playing drunk.

‘MLK/FBI’ Director Sam Pollard on the ‘Need to Have a Reckoning About Race’

Sam Pollard’s “MLK/FBI” is an arresting look at how J. Edgar Hoover used the country’s top law enforcement agency to wage a surveillance campaign against Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. that made a mockery of the justice system. By illegally wiretapping King’s hotel rooms, Hoover’s agents discovered that the minister was having adulterous relationships and tried to use that information to smear him, blackmail him and destroy his marriage.