• Naqoyqatsi



    As someone who has been fascinated with technology since I was a child, the visuals, though most of them look cheap as hell, are extremely fitting. Also Philip Glass is obviously a talented guy, but this time his music didn’t have the same emotional and gripping effect on me.

  • Gagarine



    Gagarine expands its short-film idea and stretches it rather thinly over approximately 90 minutes. It authentically addresses poverty and gentrification as we embark on the journey of teenager Youri, whose home is soon to be demolished. From an artistic, but also naive point of view, the house acts as a catalyst, since Youri aspires to become an astronaut and leave his old life behind. Gagarine‘s biggest problem though is its narrative dispersion, which doesn’t allow for greater depth overall. It…

  • They/Them



    This whole concept of a movie is so absurd. I could literally rant on about it for hours and you still wouldn’t believe what this so-called film has to offer. Whereas you might have thought that its intentions were good initially, They/Them only transports stereotypical thinking that consequently leads to the opposite of what a movie like this should convey. On top of that, it is blatantly stupid and an insult to the horror genre since it fails in delivering…

  • The Innkeepers

    The Innkeepers


    Especially in my youth, I enjoyed watching movies where the focus of the horror lays within things unseen. The Innkeepers handles these things quite well, until it radically misses its chance to deliver. When the movie finally reaches its climax, the suspense and the horror falls flat and is neither scary nor satisfying at all. It is just not done right.

  • The X Files: I Want to Believe

    The X Files: I Want to Believe


    Chris Carter surely must have suffered from a sudden lobotomy I guess.

  • Not Okay

    Not Okay


    Not Okay is a great satire that uses a lot of cultural references which I am always a sucker for. Zoey Deutch represents a character full of toxicity you can only hate. And still, this movie works out just fine. But it isn’t just her - Mia Isaacs easily carries the entire movie and is the real star of the show. In the last third, there were some weird hard cuts and I did expect a different ending, though I still had a lot of fun with the overall movie. 

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  • The Mother of Tears

    The Mother of Tears


    With lots of exposition, the last entry in the Three Mothers trilogy is different than its predecessors in almost every way. Argento lost his magic a long time ago and apart from a few graphic death scenes, nothing effectively pulls off. There are some good ideas but the weak script makes the whole movie feel cheap nevertheless. Also, what is it with Argento’s weird predilection for lesbians?

  • Jenifer



    This entry for the first season of Masters of Horror feels a lot more like a spoof movie than an actual horror segment. I don’t know what the hell got into Argento from the 90s onwards, but it seems like he developed some weird sexual fantasies over the years, which he apparently has to live out in his films. Not a bad thing by all means, but apart from that, Jenifer still doesn’t meet the basic requirements it needs to be anywhere near good.

  • Watcher



    With her acting on point, Maika Monroe once again proves what a fantastic actress she is. She easily carried this Hitchcockian film, that had me on the edge of my seat most of the time. The pacing and the everyday horror that’s portrayed here, make for an excellent modern Giallo-inspired film. Watcher is a great depiction of the contradiction between women who are speaking up about abuse and people’s disbelief and contempt towards their fears. Frumoasa!

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  • The Card Player

    The Card Player

    Someone on here wrote that The Card Player reminded them of an episode of CSI and I don’t even have any other words to describe how accurate that is. Normally, this shouldn’t be an issue since I really enjoyed those episodes back in the day, but the problem is, that this movie is way too long to actually work out like that. They played online poker on Windows 98 or whatever that was. At least this could have raised some nostalgic…

  • Revealer



    As so often with niche movies that involve a lot of 80s and B-movie vibes, the premise sounds better than the execution ultimately is. The script is weak, and with no tension whatsoever, the film drags on quite a bit. At its core, the film is a chamber play, and those movies live from a strong script and conclusive performances, which Revealer is clearly lacking. As expected, the apocalyptic part is held small, mainly due to budget restraints. Revealer is…

  • Daniel, the Wizard

    Daniel, the Wizard


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