Blade Runner

Blade Runner ★★★

The pioneer of the cyberpunk genre and the blame for our parents' generation high futuristic expectations.

Ridley Scott's mastery in his craft is evident, the world-building is excellent and the concepts are quite interesting. It looks pretty and hasn't aged that much.

I will give you my most sincere thoughts on this movie: it doesn't click with me. What appears to be an engaging and compelling storyline turns out to be very tedious and boring in its majority. I feel like the pacing was terrible and this film could've been shorter, it was unnecessarily long. Something in the sound design doesn't feel right, maybe is the constant absence of music that made me almost go to sleep midway through the movie.

I will give credit to Ridley for what he made with this, but definitely isn't a movie I would openly recommend or watch again easily. I just hope Monsieur Villeneuve changes my stance on the saga with Blade Runner 2049.

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