The Northman

The Northman ★★★★½

Absolutely stunning! The cinematography in this films is really impressive and breathtaking and brings those amazing landscapes and takes to life. The performances are all great too. They offer a lot of depth to each character, as well as an essence to even some of the 'lesser characters'.

I have to applaud how the violence was portrayed here. Yes, they are vikings and they are violent. And yes, there will be a lot of blood and killing, but I really loved how the gruesomeness and gory part of it all wasn't the sole focus of it. It was an element used to tell a story and not to become something sick and perverted. And there is this constant in Eggers's films, where he mixes real-life scenarios with fantasy.

The soundtrack is godlike and is one of the best elements of the film.

Overall, The Northman is yet another hit from Robert Eggers that is a must see this year.

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