First Cow

First Cow ★★★★½

It feels that there's so much love in every image, especially those cooking scenes where Reichardt takes all the time to show us the process and passion that goes into creating. This is a low-key picaresque little film about US capitalism without really being about US capitalism but more about the bond between two friends who accidentally meet and start helping each other whenever they get into trouble. All those small details and little touches are what really make the film and give it its eccentric but endearing atmosphere. Reichardt's magic is making simple something luscious that can take surprising side paths without losing its basic principles. The tension she creates for those nightly stealing scenes is incredible and proof that the film can be exciting and keep together even if there are no big events. I was thinking of Abbas Kiarostami's 10-minute short film The Bread and Alley where the boy is afraid to go home because of a dog and waits there. There's a natural rhythm to it and Reichardt even finds time to kind of enjoy the bond between Cookie and the cow while keeping the audience on their toes. Whenever First Cow makes stops to certain images and moments, it feels truly alive. I love it.

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