The Player

The Player ★★★★½

"Traffic was a Bitch"

My 2nd film by Robert Altman is a interesting satire take on the lifestyle of hollywood producers..
Right from the start the opening scene was stunning, a long take which introduces the audience to the majority of the characters in the film...I like the reference of the opening shot of Touch of Evil (which is personally my all time favourite opening shot) at this film's opening shot. In fact, I liked all the film references in this movie and there were a lot of them from Hitchcock's Rope to Lang's M, Altman makes fantastic use of dialogues and posters to convey the similarites between the scene and the reference..
Plotwise, Great,...Original and very Unique
Screenplay is Fantastic, the Dialogues were Hilarious..
Score is great as well, really brings out the whole atmosphere of the film..
Acting overall was great, couldn't find any bad seed..
This is also the 2nd time I have seen Tim Robbins in a film and I think he did a far better job in this than Shawshank..
I remember Robbins stating that Altman's Nashville was one of his favourite films and that was the film that changed his perseption on films and in turn adopted an idea for him to become an actor..

Robert Altman is turning out to be one of my favourite directors...can't wait to see more of his films..

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