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This review may contain spoilers.

Many people didn't like this movie, some find it boring, some say the acting was terrible, other pretentious, some say overrated and some just don't consider to be a great sci-fi film let alone the best of all time..
The first time I saw this movie, I didn't quite enjoy it, although I was mesmerized by how beautiful the whole movie was. Maybe it was cause i didn't understand the basic plot of the movie, it has an ambiguous ending, was Gaff a Replicant?, was Richard a Replicant?. I watched it for the 2nd time, still didn't get it, 3rd time nothing, 4th time, I didn't care much of the ending, i just let it slide. It seems to get better after every rewatch. Now, after watching this movie for the 9th time it deserves every accolade it got. My all time favourite sci-fi, hell, my all time favouite movie!! Dunno how it reached this spot, just did. I guess the main reason this movie is not liked by others is cause of its ending, after many rewatches i have my own interpretation of the movie. Not all movies need a good plot for it to be successful, Aguirre:The Wrath Of God, Mirror by Andrei Tarakovsky, Eraserhead etc. Blade Runner is much more than your average sci-fi flick, its thought provoking, influential, beautiful and for me "Perfect" with all of its imperfections.

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