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This review may contain spoilers.

1996 | Wes Craven | David Arquette | Matthew Lillard | Rose McGowan | Drew Barrymore | Liev Schreiber | Scream | Slasher

There isn’t much to add to my old review; I love everything (!) about this film. I hadn’t seen it in over a year and rewatching it just felt perfect. I was completely immersed and hypnotized. “Scream” is not only a perfect slasher or horror film, but also a perfect film.

Sidney is the best final girl of all time (!), Ghostface the best but also most interesting killer and the writing, direction and acting are on point. Everything fits and the result is perfection.

Also, I’ve heard so many people hating on Billy’s hair that I have to say that I really dig it. I’m a fan of Billy’s hair.

I adore this film with my whole heart and I can’t wait to see then new one next Wednesday.

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