• Dune



    "They see what they've been told to see."

    Screw you HBO Max, I saw this at the cinema in 3D!

    The long wait is over for the latest sci-fi jawn from every male Millennial's favorite director not named Christopher Nolan. Denis Villeneuve is back and on your TV despite his whining about it, but I didn't want to piss him off any more than his patented French Canadian temper could handle, so I drove to my local mall that COVID…

  • Arsenic and Old Lace

    Arsenic and Old Lace

    "I'm thinking even the cat's in on this."

    NOPEtober 2021 -- Film #16 of 31

    Did you know I yell out "kitty!" every time an unexpected cat appears in a movie? What, doesn't everyone do this?

    Though just about every Frank Capra film pulls in the audience with effective emotional manipulation, by the early 40s he even saw it was time to just have some fun. With his adaptation of Arsenic and Old Lace, the director admitted it was "no…

  • People Will Talk

    People Will Talk

    "It's not much fun when you get to be old."
    "It's even less fun if you
    don't get to be old."

    NOPEtober 2021 -- Film #15 of 31

    The romantic comedy-drama People Will Talk is one of Joseph L. Mankiewicz's least notable movies, and it has some bizarre shifts in tone that make for a tricky NOPEtober inclusion, but you could do a lot worse than this 1951 feature that has some sneaky political content and feels like a very…

  • Cured


    "Like almost anything else that is learned, it can be unlearned."

    I code medical diagnoses for a living, in an internal medicine group practice. (That's where my official username comes from: the ICD-10 code V97.33XA.) I like it a lot. I get to read interesting notes, help charts stay accurate and ready for audits, and get patients' insurances to pay for stuff instead of them. Anyone knowing me wouldn't be surprised to learn that I try to code to as…

  • The Battered Bastards of Baseball

    The Battered Bastards of Baseball

    "They lead the league in stubble."

    NOPEtober 2021 -- Film #14 of 31

    Good stuff.

    Made a slight alteration to the NOPEtober list, as this film seemed like a perfect addition, and Dad is here for one more night.

    There's a great story in this Netflix documentary, probably one of their oldest films -- this list has it as only their 4th ever released -- entertaining but a little conventional. It's a good thing there are so many archival clips…

  • Convergence: Courage in a Crisis

    Convergence: Courage in a Crisis

    "It's not charity. It's solidarity."

    Convergence: Courage in a Crisis is one of the quietest original documentary releases on Netflix I've ever seen -- why has nearly no one watched this? -- so while I can understand that people are tired of the pandemic, I do think there are still so many important stories to be told within the last two years.

    And this is one of them, even if it's scattered and not necessarily offering any new facts, because…

  • The Last Duel

    The Last Duel

    "I cannot be silent!"

    Ridley Scott's Rashomon.

    Dad went to the movies with me last night! It's the first time in the cinema for him in a long time. Glad he felt safe, masked and vaxed up.

    Enjoyed this a whole lot. Not writing a review today though just letting you know that I understand the divisive takes on this film, and I respect them, but I thought The Last Duel was great. I loved noticing the little things that…

  • Taliban Takeover

    Taliban Takeover

    "If the U.S. had stayed another 20 years, we'd have fought them another 20 years."

    Watched this Frontline doc on PBS with Dad. Decent, with excellent embedded reporting from their Afghanistan correspondent after the fall of Kabul and the emerging Taliban government.

    Dad fell asleep.

    You can watch it here at this link. You know the drill. Blah blah blah, please donate to your local public broadcasting station.

    Light reviews, if at all, for the rest of the week!


  • Nine to Five

    Nine to Five

    "The boxes are identical! Except for the skull and crossbones on the label."

    NOPEtober 2021 -- Film #13 of 31

    Inspired by the 9to5 ("National Association of Working Women") organization -- subject of a nice documentary from Oscar-winning directors Steven Bognar and Julia Reichert, 9to5: Story of a Movement (it's on Netflix right now!) -- the smash hit comedy Nine to Five takes female empowerment to hilarious and darkly comic heights, highlighted by an all-time iconic song by Dolly Parton…

  • S.O.B.


    "Instead of the American Dream, it should have been the American Wet Dream!"

    NOPEtober 2021 -- Film #12 of 31

    This film hates everybody. I don't hate it though, but damn, it might have been too mean and dark for NOPEtober. Hella funny though.

    Blake Edwards had had enough, and so Hollywood got this S.O.B. to make S.O.B. in 1981, the pitch black satire as a response to years of failures and judgement from the critics. Only in Europe did…

  • Bell, Book and Candle

    Bell, Book and Candle

    "I wonder if I could get him without tricks…"

    NOPEtober 2021 -- Film #11 of 31

    Vertigo is the greatest film ever made. James Stewart and Kim Novak though might have had even more fun making another movie together that came out the same year in 1958. And considering it prominently features a cat -- which required at least twelve in filming, so that's wonderful -- I'm quite sure they did.

    That's Richard Quine's romantic-comedy with a fantasy twist Bell,…

  • Zero Motivation

    Zero Motivation

    "You need a cock, ASAP."

    NOPEtober 2021 -- Film #10 of 31

    The dark comedy from Talya Lavie, Efes Beyahasei Enosh ["Zero Motivation"] may have its roots in other irreverent films about military service, from Catch-22 to M.A.S.H., yet separates itself not only from its all-female cast but with some refreshing modern touches and an understated absurdity fitting for the young generation on the screen.

    Israeli Defense Force servicewomen and friends Zohar (Dana Ivgy) and Daffi (Nelly Tagar) are performing…