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‘Drift’ NYT Review: Keeping a Breakdown at Bay

"“Drift,” a patient character study set on a craggy Greek island, proves a mesmerizing showcase for the actress Cynthia Erivo’s talents. She plays Jacqueline, a traumatized Liberian refugee whose cautious air is a gentle source of forward motion even as the film around her stalls."

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This is a wild strange trip of a movie.

Big fan of the vibes here. Wacky little film.

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The Sweet East

The Sweet East


I haven’t left a theater with the level of enthusiasm I felt after watching this movie in a long time. Every part of this film was chaotic in somehow the most natural way. The dialogue, pace and scoring of the whole film didn’t feel forced or strange. I felt like every moving part made this truly one of the most engaging films I’ve scene in a while. It felt like a gen z fairy tale fever dream. vulgar and romantic and dreamy at the same time.

a wonderfully absurd, hilarious, beautiful, terrifying, thoughtful meditation on the weirdos of the north east. so strange! so real and so unreal! ayo and jeremy need to act in more things together

Saw again at IFC. Sat next to Benjamin Safdie who said “you’re really handsome. I love your fragrance, you’re smelling good.” 🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️

The Sweet East

The Sweet East


america is kinda awesome cause there are juuls and men with moth hyper-fixations and random girls without cell phones ❤️