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“Some day soon I’m just gonna disappear. And you won’t have any idea what happened to me.”

the only film i’ve maybe ever seen that understands what it’s like to be a stupid, lonely, depressed kid on the internet. late nights standing behind a screen knowing you can’t exist beyond it, the fear that one day everything you’ve built can disappear in an instant. most exciting debut i’ve seen in a minute

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In David Cronenberg’s Crash (1996) Doctor Robert Vaughn (Elias Koteas, part Doctor Frankenstein, part his Monster) is obsessed with the philosophical transition of the human body with the machines we have built. He believes in the co-existence, and the reshaping of how we perceive our flesh as it has come to exist in a parallel place with steel and iron and oil. Cronenberg was a visionary, who was always searching for the newest evolution of the body. A few years…

Ostensibly a film concerning a fictional creepypasta known as the "World's Fair Challenge," Jane Schoenbrun's film inspects the parasocial relationships of the modern internet age—consumed by videos, hashtags, and influencers—and questions the responsibility of creator to their viewers and vice versa. The slow-burn horror is instilled by Casey's devolving mental state and Schoenbrun's glacial pacing, but most chilling is how the audience is supposed to interpret Casey (as we know her from her channel and the brief moments beyond it),…

of all the movies that have tried to “get” being online, this is the only one that has actually succeeded at that while still taking itself seriously in the process

loved this, reminded me of some of the worst/loneliest times of my life

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