• The World According to Garp

    The World According to Garp


    Man what the fuck

  • The Sky Is Everywhere

    The Sky Is Everywhere


    Couldn’t stop thinking about how much that guy looks like Olivia Cooke

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  • Cosmopolis



    Cronenberg’s Holy Motors. Kind of reminded me of that “How English Sounds Like to Non-English Speakers” video.

    This is the hottest Pattinson’s ever looked. No ifs or buts. I need a tall glass of water now.

  • The Inventor: Out for Blood in Silicon Valley

    The Inventor: Out for Blood in Silicon Valley


    While I admire that Alex Gibney didn't shy away from making this a dense, two hour exposé of the fraudulent science behind Theranos rather than going the clichéd character study route, this documentary wasn't particularly engaging to me as someone who already knew the story of this company and its founder. You're probably better off watching the Hulu docudrama, which is a lot more compelling and digs into not just the scientific process, but also the commercial, entrepreneurial and journalistic sides of this scandal, creating a more rounded portrait of Holmes and everyone else who was involved.

  • The Dropout

    The Dropout


    The story of what happens when a privileged yet unqualified person surrounds themselves with enablers who tell them nothing but ‘yes’ all day. I appreciated how this didn’t shy away from showing the sexism that Holmes, to her credit, did face at the beginning of her career, while also showing how this could really only happen to someone as enormously wealthy and socially advantaged as her. Didn’t appreciate how much Seyfried’s Holmes impression reminded me of my old boss.


  • The Sadness

    The Sadness


    In 2017, the island I live on was ravaged by a hurricane that resulted in the deaths of over 3,000 civilians. In the following months—during which our electric grid remained defunct and most people continued not to have access to running water in their homes—Puerto Ricans demonstrated a resilience unlike anything I’d ever seen before. While this populace prides itself on kindness and hospitality, it was surreal to see communities maintain their strength and humanity in the face of such…

  • The Dead Zone

    The Dead Zone


    Kind of puzzled by the love for this one tbh. It’s so bad, it feels like the kind of thing that would get reclaimed as an internet meme decades after its release

  • A Beautiful Mind

    A Beautiful Mind


    I knew literally nothing about John Nash before watching this, so the movie was an absolute TRIP like Jesus Christ I'm still shocked 😭


  • Rabid



    By far Cronenberg's most aesthetically accomplished film of the 1970s, but it's still pretty disjointed in ways that Shivers—his other, better virus outbreak horror from the same era—isn't.

  • Everything Everywhere All at Once

    Everything Everywhere All at Once


    What's basically a thesis on optimistic nihilism takes a while to get in gear but once it does, it's Being John Malkovitch levels of "holy-fucking-shit-I-feel-exhausted-but-please-don't-end." Sometimes it's too much. Sometimes the emotional beats are undercut by a stupid visual gag that takes you out of the moment (the raccoon). Other times the visual gag becomes oddly touching and you wonder how The Daniels were able to craft something so sweet out of something so stupid (sausage fingers). And that's the…

  • The Mystery of Marilyn Monroe: The Unheard Tapes

    The Mystery of Marilyn Monroe: The Unheard Tapes


    I'm frustrated by how a well-edited documentary with such gorgeous footage (both archival and original), could feel so vapid and bland.

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  • Ringu



    Girls will literally haunt random strangers as a vengeful spirit and kill them seven days later instead of going to therapy