Roma ★★★★★

How is it that it's the second time that I watch this and am still at a loss of words? More importantly, how is it that Alfonso Cuarón can film a car tire smearing a wet dog turd across the floor and still make it look beautiful? I could spend my time writing lines about how Roma is a total feast for the eyes, as pretty much everyone else has done already. I could also spend time talking about the emotional wallop this film packs and the perfect catharsis that's released in the end. But I won't do that because I don't have the words for it. Instead, I can only recommend you watch this in theaters where every exquisite frame can be seen in glorious detail, and where the pristine sound design grabs you by the shoulders and smacks you right across the face. And then log onto Netflix and enjoy it again at home, where you'll realize that—dare I say it—this actually gets better on a rewatch.

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