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  • Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

    Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness


    The Raimi flourishes are fun, but so much surrounding them is confused and underwhelming. The narrative putters along in stops and starts, as patchwork as the multiverse itself. Despite Cumberbatch playing multiple Doctors Strange, the title character's arc is almost non-existent. Instead, this plays as a sequel to WandaVision, and a disappointing one at that. Oh well.

  • Poltergeist



    I was really underwhelmed when I revisited this for Gobbledygeek nine years (!) ago. I think I was at an age where I wanted all movies to be About Something in really pointed ways. For example, I remember being frustrated that they show Craig T. Nelson reading a book about Reagan without ever expanding on that. It's just, you know, a movie about how suburban domesticity is literally built atop death and exploitation.

    Now, at the wise old age of…

Popular reviews

  • Ruby Sparks

    Ruby Sparks


    I've written ten screenplays and several short films. The most widely read script of mine has been read by about half-a-dozen people, but I still consider myself a writer first and foremost. As you're writing, your work is solely yours. Once you've finished, it remains yours. But as soon as you release it into the world, as soon as you share it with one friend or colleague, that changes. It doesn't belong to you anymore. Sure, if your work is…

  • Donnie Darko

    Donnie Darko


    A lot of people seem to be backing away from Donnie Darko nowadays, distancing themselves from it like it's a particularly painful memory, an unwelcome flashback to their high school days. Well, maybe so. But don't blame that on the movie. I'm not going to give it credit for profundity that it doesn't have, except that it kind of does. A mysterious puzzle of a film, but pleasingly straightforward about its oddness. Gyllenhaal, Barrymore, and Swayze doing the best work of their careers.