The Northman

The Northman ★★★★

Eggers long awaited violent period piece epic is finally gracing the screens worldwide, and as an avid fan of his first 2 filmography entries my excitement for it has been rather high, and in Eggers we still can trust as his Viking revenge splatterdrama is a real delight

It blends the usual period accurate almost poetic dialogue and accents we're used to by know from him and mixes it with a brutal tragedy who shows the vicious cycle of vengeance, splicing in it's norse mythology with a lot of folk horror inspiration he also handles with such preciseness,and the cast is fully dedicated to what ever Eggers wants to bring forth

From Björks short sweet witch performance to the shakespearean melodrama from Kidman, to the stoic rough anger radiating from Skarsgård and Claes Bang, and the ever so transfixing Ms.Joy who may seem innocent but has some real ace of spades cards up her sleeves it's rich with it's characters which is certainly needed since it is a very notorious been there done that hamletesque narrative that needs some spicing up

Would fit perfect as a double bill with The Revenant or even the somewhat over looked The Nightingale, the cold bleak and bloody revengetrain choo choos to the finnish line with incredibly striking cinematography and some pompous epic musical cues, what it lacks in originiality is mostly dwarfed by the sharp eye for vision this womderful director has to offer us

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