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  • Her



    So here's why everybody is wrong and Her is a mediocre film.

    I think there are two main problems with Her: 1. It's barely a science fiction film at all, 2. it's a mediocre love story at best.

    Let's get the good stuff out of the way first. Joaquin Phoenix was great. It's a very well realized world in terms of design, it looks like a "real" place, something that could easily be in our future. The cinematography was good…

  • Genius Party

    Genius Party

    An anthology of 7 anime shorts. I'm not an expert on Chinese cartoons but I thought most of these were pretty mediocre.

    "Genius Party" Atsuko Fukushima (5 mins) 3/5

    Dreamlike and surrealistic with an avian theme...perhaps about psychoactive substances? Cool visuals in any case.

    "Shanghai Dragon" Shoji Kawamori (19 mins) 2/5

    Sci fi tale set in the past: a bunch of schoolchildren discover an advanced artifact that can materialize thoughts, and are caught in a war between future space humans…