Sick of Myself

Sick of Myself ★★★★

Man, I’d hate for the doctor to tell me I’m not the coolest person at parties.

If you like Ruben Östlund's work, then I'm fairly confident this film is for you. So much stress, but it's the kind of stress that will make you laugh. There are so many shocking behavioral traits from the central character, too. Her sole mission is self-destruction as a way to be seen, and basically everyone around her is a walking mirror... figuratively speaking, of course. Because she doesn't just want to be seen. She wants to see herself in their eyes.

What I've noticed from this movie and a lot of Scandinavian movies (yes, there are a lot of examples) is that their shock factor is not overwhelming. At least, not to me. The shock is funneled through a certain casual everydayness in which the most grotesque thing about what people say and do is treated as normal or with very little reaction from the other person. The shock is subdued and yet it still hits hard. Compare this to a lot of other films we've been getting recently, where the manipulation of the audience is very evident in the script (like Saltburn or The Royal Hotel), and you will see a big difference.

I think my favorite scene is where Signe, played by Kristine Kujath Thorp, is having sex while fantasizing about her own "celebrity" funeral. I mean, imagine having someone there to turn away anyone, including one's own father, who is not on the list. Aside from that scene, there are a lot of other fantasies that are woven into the narrative in such a perfect way, as we take a closer look at her depraved thought process.

The central character is in no way likable, but she is compelling. A lot of films make the mistake of creating a nefarious character who is neither likable nor compelling, but this film still offers complexity of character. Signe is one of the best examples of a self-pitying character, but she knows exactly what she is doing in her efforts to draw attention to herself. It's a very interesting movie if you can stomach it, but I think it's definitely worth checking out.

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