Thor: Love and Thunder

Thor: Love and Thunder ½

honestly don’t think i’ll see a worse movie in 2022 than this one. it’s actually impressive how the MCU has become a South Park-lite parody of itself, taking a concept filled with potential and destroying any shred of identity it might’ve once had in favor of an increasingly exhausting yearly output that acts as the textbook definition of quantity over quality, and this is the nadir of that. naturally it's stitched together by another tedious, unrewarding, moment-to-moment script these corporate Frankenstein monsters have conditioned audiences into believing is even remotely acceptable and another unremarkable batch of action sequences so dull and weightless that they make wet concrete look more visually appealing in comparison. how the fuck did this cost $250 million to make? at this point i’d sooner believe these worthless excuses for cinematic experiences are created in a lab by robots for analysts to see how long it’ll take for the hive of mindless shills to stop devouring this slop from the Disney feeding trough and blindly praising them online. one of the most inane pieces of garbage the company has spewed out in recent years and that's really saying something. miserably insipid. Taika going from What We Do In The Shadows and Hunt for the Wilderpeople to this trash is truly depressing lol. someone euthanize this franchise already

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