Fantastic Mr. Fox

Fantastic Mr. Fox ★★★★★

Fantastic Mr. Fox is more than Wes Anderson’s best film. It’s sheer perfection in its presentation of judgement, making sure it’s messages nestle themselves in the mind of the viewer, but it also doesn’t focus on being overly serious (quite the opposite) and as a result of that, it quickly becomes one of the most essential feel-good movies a film lover could ever hope to see. Everything about Anderson’s vision is warm and comforting, but not distorted. It appeals to both kids and adults, allowing the two demographics to fall in love with the meticulously crafted world of these wonderful characters. The stop-motion medium is one of the most overlooked, and is able to convey so much more raw eloquence and emotion than computer-animation could ever hope to. The dialogue is alluringly to-the-point and feels so grandiose in its small-scale beauty. It’s hard to consider this a book adaptation because of the way it adapts a novel to the big screen while still retaining the director’s signature qualities.

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