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  • Shivers



    The Spanish Fly

    I think I was 11 or 12 when I greedily grabbed the First Choice/Superchannel Guide from our stack of mail and checked the new movies showing. And, to my utter disbelief, at three o clock in the morning on a Saturday was what looked like something that I hadn't even dared to imagine. An X-rated horror movie. Dear God!

    I called up my friends immediately and we made a cunning plan. We would have a sleepover, and…

  • Mr. Bungle: The Night They Came Home

    Mr. Bungle: The Night They Came Home


    Absolutely incredible.

    I was down about not getting to see Bungle live this tour, but fuck, this was pretty goddamn fucking amazing.

    Bungle masterfully uses every aspect of a virtual concert that would be a detriment and makes it something special. Kind of like how a master filmmaker like Raimi makes a low budget work for him, making the film better.

    This is a one of a kind experience that wouldn't be possible seeing them live. Plus, the songs, the performances and the musicianship is, for me, the absolute best ever.

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  • Beyond the Door

    Beyond the Door


    I can imagine, when I'm in my nineties, trying to talk everyone in my retirement home to play this on movie night. I'll say, "It's actually really, really good!". And after they see it, I'll spend my last days on this earth as a pariah, with no one talking to me, or even nodding to me as they pass me in the hall. I will die alone.

    But my love for crappy Italian horror far exceeds those old codgers opinions of me!

  • Love Exposure

    Love Exposure


    Insanely entertaining and smart to boot, this is a perfect case scenario for when I don't feel a film is too long despite it's massive run time. Hell, when there are so many ideas and the pace moves at a good rate, I would've been happy to watch the longer cut.