Leviathan ★★★★★

was woken up by the compression again this morning. shot straight out of a dream of what i think was my skull caving in. we've been working in this underwater mining station for months but i haven't been able to adjust to the various groans and shudders and sounds of metal inverting overhead. makes it feel like this place is only a few frail veins of spiderweb held together by chewing gum. what's even worse than the noise is the ominous silence between each quaking, which i spend in constant anticipation of its end, thinking almost on a loop: if the mine cratered this very instant, if the entire station collapsed, no one would know or care that i was down here. then i place my hands against my skull and press hard until i can feel the blood in my head straighten from the pressure. at night when i'm in my bunk i put on my headphones and listen to aerosmith rocks on repeat because, as i have learned over the past few months, it is the sound of a band being digested by something vaster and darker than themselves and you cannot tell if they are terrified of it or super psyched about it, if steven tyler is really screaming or crying. then i fall asleep and i dream always of avalanches of flesh, flesh enfolded by other fleshes, consuming everything until no one is left, or rather one is left and we are all it, and we have many mouths, and we are hungry

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