Southbound ★★½

This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

This review may contain spoilers.

911 is a joke, as are all emergency services and healthcare facilities, but bars and gas station diners seem to do pretty ok in the general economy of Helltown, Desert USA. Going to Helltown seems like a bad idea because once everyone gets there they want to leave but can't? Even when they went there on purpose. It doesn't seem like a good location for a Community College or a State University, but I guess that is why they need to put one there?

Like with the V/H/S movie, I find myself really digging Radio Silence's approach to not-quite-real-but-seeming-really-real CGI effects, and their wraparound is the most effective of these stories, which are all OK but none are super compelling.

I will watch horror anthologies while waiting for the cows to come home which they never do because they got lost in a pocket hell dimension so I will be watching for a long time.

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