Enter the Void

Enter the Void ★★★★★

if i had reviewed this movie when i was supposed to have watched it when i bought the dvd back when it was new when i was most hype for it more than any movie ever before the brain injury before moving across the country before all of my dvds going first into one basement then into another then into boxes on carpet a decade later it would have been a totally different review one way more pretentious and edgelord or one very much like the one i am actually writing still pretentious edgelord barf but hey this movie is so much better than Gaspar Noe's films that came before this one even if this is pretty much Irreversible 2: IRReversibler as hewing to the late twentieth-century sequel rule of when sequel more glowy neon more subplots or in this case the same plot like totally spaghetti mobiused and dilated out so that there are whole minutes when you don't HAVE to remind yourself that the swoopy camera is not a dinobot pterodactyl phase-shifting through spacetime but a horny traumatized ghost who is still tripping from before they died and that is only kind of a self-aware riff on Noe's trip as a director which is like i have this job so my partner and i can get high and hang out with Paz de la Huerta and even death cannot stop me/us which i admit is a pretty worthy life/post-life endeavour and entirely worthy of the almost three hours you are going to spend doing it even if you fall asleep it isn't like you are going to rewind it and be like oh hey i totally missed what is going on you can just let it go and do whatever like a screensaver that got bored enough to tell a story using fractals and porn the most robust denizens of the 00's surface desktop until it stops on its own accord and just watch it again later as comfort or hangout. i admire this movie's dirtbag/meathead understanding that we are no smarter in death than we are in life that death does not suddenly ennoble us we are the same confused damaged covetous possessive horny junkie ghosts we were before we died now with added confusion and psychedelic dissociation. heaven is when the strip club has extra mirrors to refract harder out of focus. Enter The Void does all kinds of stuff wrong it is that person telling the story who is like no, no, wait first, wait, no, then THAT dude, no, no, the other that dude the one from before idk, this is the important part the important part to get to before the other important part and what is irritating is that they are right it is the important part or as important as any other part and it is important to listen even if their pain is just as dumb and ordinary as our own and as you listen you think i wish i had gotten high before this started but you keep listening or you just did get high and you are like wow i am too high for this but you keep listening and make noises like you are following what they are saying because you are following what they are saying in great detail even when you wish you were not even if it seems like you are paying more attention to the story then they are it isn't true you are just being a jerk kind of well not really you are listening and wait what did they just say about that omg that really is bad holy shit and you feel like an even bigger jerk for being impatient after hearing that and it recasts this person's whole trip for you even if as you are listening you are thinking about sitting around in some shitty apartment getting high with Paz de la Huerta which is almost certainly going to happen except not with Paz de la Huerta and that is ok she wouldn't want to be in your crummy apartment filled with garbage and dvds from the 00's because that is the difference between movies and real life even if we really do die over and over again but love it so much even though it is so like dude whoah you got like totally thrashed and wear berzerker scars from past lifetimes as reminders of the dumb stuff you got up to and the dumb stuff you are yet capable of which is hopefully less an example of spiritual pride than a qualified humility before our unquenchable fervor for repetitive atrocity.

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