Belladonna of Sadness

Belladonna of Sadness ★★★★★

The way things have always been. The way things have always been done. The way things will always be. A trinity of poisonous lies.

A world run on murder, rape, torture, privation, the annihilation of all known being in exchange for second-order abstract value meaningless without the existence of life on earth. Is this not sacrifice enough? What more should be sacrificed and for what?

The Satanic Witch draws their power from the time and space after trauma, privation, torture, rape, death, when what has been allotted by the empty promises of rights and station and labor and position has been stripped from you by the very entities who proposed giving you these things in the first place. When all of that is gone, that is from where the power of the Satanic Witch is drawn. A Revolt Against What Is, What Has Been, What Shall Be. A rupture of beauty, of pleasure, of joy, where none should be, where none is supposed to be, where it is WRONG for it to be, where any instantiation of such is by necessity a Perversion and takes delight in its very perversity. The spells of the Satanic Witch are for NOW, for the immediate, but they echo throughout all of space and time. There can be no new fixed order without a new tyranny to calcify itself within and project whatever means it sees fit to maintain itself. The Satanic Witch offers their own self as the already sacrificed, a sacrifice-in-progress, atop the pyre of all of what could be, if only. For there to be Authority, Constancy, Law, there is a continual sacrifice of the Possible, the Unknown, the Desired. These can flourish only in moments when any thought to maintenance of reality is discarded, is sacrificed, for the full spectrum of being, to experience all of it all at once regardless of that which says it cannot be. The Satanic Witch says NO by saying YES and says YES by saying NO. This cannot stand and never does, but is always an option, always present, always immediate-to-hand. Beauty, Pleasure, Joy. The Endless Revolt.