Before Sunrise

Before Sunrise ★★★★½

A rather personal short review ahead as I've spent the entire weekend doing the same thing: yearning. As pretentious and as pompous as it sounds, I've been yearning too much! I watched Fleabag in all of its entirety, I spent at least five hours on a playlist trying to capture the liminal feeling of yearning and being wanted, and I've spent a few minutes of everyday trying to squeeze in a conversation about longing to my friends. This just manages to top it right off I guess?

I don't like it when films make me seethe in my own romantic feelings. I usually feel more for films about retribution, friendship, or immense loss, I don't think I've ever seen a film about genuine (heterosexual) romantic connection like this. I've heard this film was immensely conversational and I've been put off by films like that before (see: The Eternity Between Seconds or any of Baumbach's films that aren't Frances Ha).

Conversations in films like this tend to dwindle into the most pseudo-intellectual aspects of philosophy, but somehow this film didn't. The two characters never got to know each other on a personal level as much as we'd expect characters to, instead it was something more nuanced, though not necessarily deep. Gender politics, life and death, and how it feels being young and in love in a foreign city. It was so intimate for me to watch people sharing private spaces like that, even more so as I was watching the inevitable happen. I think I'll put off watching the sequels to this for a few days and leave it where it is for now. That was neat.