Spencer ★★★★½

Unsettling. Psychological. Horrifying. Tragic . Mesmerizing. Haunting. These are some of the accolades to describe Pablo Larrain’s Spencer. No other movie this year has induced me anxiety the way this one did. The worst thing is that I believe this is not even 0.5% of what the real life person had to endure throughout her 10 year relationship as part the Royal Family. Kristen Stewart once again cements herself as one the best working actress today with a powerhouse performance for the ages as Diana Spencer. Part fable, part fiction and who knows what was real in this horrifying journey as a Princess of Wales. I can’t imagine the torturous experience of Diana dealing with rigorous, vicious and at times humiliating role as a Princess. There are many scenes in which we can feel the tension around Diana and the traumatic effects as a princess.  What Larrain’s achieves here, truly is a testament of a filmmaker in total control of its craft and one who I will be thrilled to see where he goes next. I think we will talking about this film during the awards season, not just only because of Stewart’s performance but because of other categories such as cinematography, score, costume design, direction and picture.

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