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This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

This review may contain spoilers.

"did you just fucking shoot me ???!?!!?!!"
"no <3"

omg carter and i wrote a persuasive essay on why we should go back to the theater and it actually worked <333

can i just say emma and alice i know what you are ,,, emma w the bi colors glow bracelets on the poster oh you cant fool me [im sorry im actually delusional and the emmalice brainrot is so bad right now]

she was even better on rewatch , i still had a mental crisis when alice died though -- amber freeman , bobby lynne + alice are def the best girls of 2022 - our mom agreed with amber + alice

this movie is so real its so funny and i love the characters sm ,, actually feel kinda bad for slandering gregs name but he srsly made me jump a few times even on rewatch so idk maybe im not ,,, the tension too literally had me on the edge of my seat both times

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