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This review may contain spoilers.

Good evening everyone, and welcome to my review of The Conformist, one of the bonus films from the January collection of films falling under the theme of Power, Corruption, and Lies in 3 Twits and a Brit Movie of the Week Club
"You had me convinced you were the typical new Italian."
"No such type exists yet, but we're creating him."
What a beautiful ugly mess! The main character is a dull mess, the wife is a hot mess, Italy is a fascist mess. I think the convoluted storyline actually does work well. Maybe even really well. The scenes involving the visit to the anti-fascist professor and his wife, fully aware of Marcello's alternative lifestyle as a fascist, are fascinating. Our main character is tossed around and exposed as convictionless and his wife is exposed as an adorable/annoying party animal without much brains. And then we have the summation of all this lack of character displayed in the colorless woodland stabbing scene. Which eventually becomes a screaming and shooting scene. Oh man it doesn't get better than that.
"When there are so many of us, there's no risk." Look at the world you're leaving to your offspring! Now that's what I call a cautionary tale.