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The Northman ★★★★

Robert Eggers is back with his 3rd film The Northman and critics and audiences are already loving it! I’m not on the train of loving him as a filmmaker, but I thought his first two films were good with a slow burning vibe. But what do I think of his new film? Let’s find out!

The Northman is the newly anticipated film from Robert Eggers and it follows a young Viking prince as he goes on a quest to avenge his father’s murder.

I have been on a lucky streak of seeing some new movies this month! I’ve got to watch Ambulance, Father Stu and now The Northman, all under a good price for a matinee! After seeing The Witch and The Lighthouse, I wasn’t too sure if I’d want to see if it was going to be another by-the-book historically inaccurate movie made by one of the best upcoming young filmmakers. But after seeing the trailer, it caught my attention looking like a badass movie if they took The Lion King and Gladiator while adding some psychedelic drugs in a blender. So as far as my prediction went, I was right! I went to go watch it with my best friend yesterday, and during our experience, we saw a lot of weird shit. But I have to admit, I loved it!

For the casting, you’ve got a big cast! You got Alexander Skarsgård, Anya Taylor-Joy, Nicole Kidman, Claes Bang, Willem Dafoe and Ethan Hawke! Skarsgård plays Amleth, a young prince who once witnessed his father get killed, his mother taken away and his village massacred by his own uncle. After many years have gone by, Amleth is raised by a gang of Vikings where he is pillaging and attacking villages. But when he hears his uncle is living in Iceland, he poses as a slave with the others and goes on to find his uncle so he can finish what he started.

I loved the acting from Skarsgård, and this is the first time I’ve seen him in anything since The Legend of Tarzan. But this is what I believe I saw his real acting. I mean the intensity and ferociousness you see in his character is terrifying! He doesn’t give much lines to say because you feel the pain and trauma he endured as a young boy. And for someone who’s been howling to work on a movie about Vikings, I say Skarsgård got what he wanted!

The directing from Robert Eggers is incredible as always, he never has let people down after working on his films from A24 and so he moves onto taking a big leap onto another film from another independent film company! I can tell Focus Features gave Eggers creative freedom and control of his film, because this was what I was worried about where no one would let him make it the way he wanted. But thank God they let him have it his way! The direction he took with The Northman was, if I can describe it, an artistic insanity. I can tell that right off the bat that he loves working on period pieces and can turn it into something, no matter if it’s an epic action film or another horror film for A24! And after seeing how he’s turning out as a director, it makes me want to see The Witch and The Lighthouse again!

The screenplay from Eggers and Icelandic writer Sjón was spot on! The scenery and the dialogue didn’t feel forced or hammy like all period pieces do today, it all felt very natural thanks to the craft of these 2 writers. I wonder what it would been if the language was changed from English to Norse throughout the film. Speaking of which, I heard rumors that Mel Gibson was wanting to make a Viking film in the Norse language in the past like he did with his 2 films. If he was still planning on doing that, I guarantee his film would’ve been just as good as The Northman!

The cinematography, the score and the production design is incredible! Eggers really went out on making this as amazing and gorgeous looking as possible! Although the images are brutal and gritty, it’s also breathtaking to see it too! I know the trippy imagery are a hit and miss for those that came to see an epic movie with some graphic violence, and it has that too, but there are some that will question of it was necessary or what was the purpose of using it. I get that people will walk out being frustrated with that and the pacing as well. It took a lot for me to take in, but I was fine with it!

The Northman is definitely going to be sought after by fans of Robert Eggers and some history buffs, but I guarantee that it will blow you away if you want to see a film with artistic visuals and incredible storytelling! I’m planning on revisiting it as soon as it hits the shelves at Best Buy and I will show it to my father-in-law! So if you’re a fan of the director, the cast or if you want to see another epic revenge tale, I recommend seeing this in theaters now!

I’m giving The Northman 4 stars!

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