The Little Things

The Little Things ★★★

The Little Things. A somewhat interesting film that had it’s potential including an all star cast filled with Oscar winning actors, but it expectedly turns out to be a hit and miss. But that’s a curse for films to come out in January.

The Little Things is about 2 detectives in Los Angeles who try to catch a serial killer in the 1990s. But eyebrows are raised when they find a weird and strange man to be their suspect.

February is going to be a busy month to watch and review new movies! I’ve got plans to review this film, Sound of Metal, Judas & the Black Messiah, Nomadland, and Uncle Frank. But anyways, I watched the movie in theaters on Saturday with one of my friends, and we both had fun watching it. let’s talk about the new film The Little Things.

I’ll get into the positives right now, starting with the cast. You’ve got an Oscar winning cast here! Denzel Washington, Rami Malek, and Jared Leto! Washington plays Joe Deacon, a Deputy Sheriff in Kern County, Los Angeles who is called to the LA’s Sheriff’s Office to pick up evidence to a recent murder. Malek plays a detective from LA County who accompanies Deacon to solve this murder, and Leto plays a creepy man who is the prime suspect of the murders of young girls. All 3 actors do give their all in their acting, and it didn’t feel forced in anyway. Also congratulations for Jared Leto for getting a Golden Globe nomination last week! That guy was super scary so unlike his cartoonish portrayal of The Joker in Suicide Squad, I will give him props for being a method actor!

I know I’ve heard of John Lee Hancock before. He wrote his original script to the Kevin Costner and Clint Eastwood flick A Perfect World. And then went on to direct The Blind Side, The Rookie, The Alamo, The Highwaymen, and Saving Mr. Banks. And so this was the first time Hancock directed a film that was his original script. Before he went to direct The Little Things, he sent the script to Steven Spielberg in 1993. But he turned it down because the subject matter was too dark. And then he looked at Clint Eastwood and Danny DeVito to be possible candidates to sit in the director’s chair. But he decided to direct after no one would take the chance. And honestly I can see why. I do like the score from Thomas Newman! His choice of music gives a creepy and unsettling presence in some of these scenes. Especially when the detectives are at the crime scene. Hell, any film he did music for is amazing! Whether it’s Finding Nemo, The Green Mile, and the films by Sam Mendes, he does have a nice choice of writing and composing music!

Now here’s the negatives. What did I not like about it? I didn’t like how it ended, the chemistry between Washington and Malek, and too much of a slow burn it was. For those who haven’t seen it but are dying to, I won’t ruin the ending. But the chemistry from Washington and Malek on screen felt bland and lifeless. Also the movie gets slow in the middle and it was making me sleepy, and I was let down by how it wasn’t anything special. I was also feeling a little resemblance of True DetectiveSe7en and Zodiac, but it doesn’t have anything else to have the viewers to be on the edge of their seat. Which proves my point on not having a leg to stand on.

Despite what I had to say, I still had fun watching it with one of my best friends. But I doubt I’ll go back to revisit it again. It’s just one of those movies you’d rather save your money by watching it on DVD, or on HBO Max. If you are a fan of any of these actors, and you still want to go see it, then that’s fine. Just remember what you see is what you’ll get. Next review is Sound of Metal.

I’m going to give The Little Things 3 stars.

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