Malignant ★★★½

James Wan is back with his new his horror film Malignant! I have been waiting for this since I’ve heard the announcement last year and so I watched it yesterday before seeing a couple of games last night, I am excited to talk about it. But will Malignant be classic for horror fans or will it be a mess? Let’s find out!

Malignant is about a woman who has visions of gruesome murders only to realize that these horrific visions are happening for real.

Man oh man, I had a blast watching this new horror flick! I remember following it being an anticipated film for me to see last year, but this was another one that got pushed back because of the pandemic unfortunately. I don’t need to go into detail about how 2020 was such a shitty year, especially for new movies being released! So anyways, I went to see Malignant with my wife and my best friend went to go see it yesterday and it was one of the best horror movies from this year since Candyman.

Let’s kick off with the positives by saying this has an awesome cast. It’s not a stacked cast for a horror film like a John Carpenter film or in a Wes Craven film, but these actors do a great job! You got Annabelle Wallis as the main character and she plays Madison Mitchell, a woman living in Seattle suffered from 2 miscarriages and having a strained relationship with her husband. One night, an intruder broke into her home killing her husband and knocking out Madison leaving her to have a third miscarriage. The next morning, she finds out she was adopted and then starts to have visions of these bloody murders so she gets everyone involved to find out what the hell is going on. And you got a supporting cast of familiar faces like McKenna Grace, Zoë Bell, and Christian Clemenson in this visually wild ride!

God, it feels good to see James Wan come back! And this time it’s not another stupid movie for The Conjuring Universe. I loved the where the idea was going when he was directing Malignant, he took the murder-mystery genre with body horror aspects and weird ‘80s horror style! Let’s not forget the bloody and gruesome body count on how the victims were getting brutally killed, because holy shit, it has lots of gruesome scenes! I also love the score for the soundtrack, it has a use of metal music with synthesizers and the fact that some of it sounds like the Goosebumps theme if Marilyn Manson made it!

I have a couple of negatives to point out. I didn’t like some of the dialogue because it has moments of being like somewhat funny it was idiotic. If they were going to go with making some stupid funny lines, they might as well turn it into a horror comedy. But if it doesn’t belong in a movie that isn’t suppose to be funny, well don’t put it there! And I really hate the use of CGI, I can’t stand it being used on horror movies because it looks bad and very noticeable! I really wish that James Wan had gone to use practical effects like he always did but instead he went to use some shitty CGI.

But despite these difficulties, I had a lot of fun watching Malignant! I thought it was one of the best horror movies from this year and I hope it gets the recognition it deserves from horror movie fans. It’s another great James Wan film for his fans and horror fans in general can really appreciate and I guarantee you will have a great time! So if you’ve been waiting for James Wan to come back to his horror roots or if you want to see another horror movie after seeing Candyman, so check it out in theaters or just stream it on HBO Max.

I’m giving Malignant 3.5 stars!

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